Sunday, November 29, 2009

Need Help!

Okay, so for the past several weeks- the reason why I haven't posted anything on this blog- I've been looking for the composer, Mikhail Starokadomsky. He's written one of the most beautiful clarinet solos entitled, Two Pieces: At the Brook and Intermezzo. He has also written piano, oboe, and some operas to my knowledge. The thing is, I can't find anything on the poor guy. I know when he was born and when he died, some of the music that he has composed, and how to pronounce his name. I was wondering, if you anyone knows anything about Mikhail Starokadomsky, and if you do please tell me. You can comment it on the WritersSolution blog, or you can e-mail me, Alexa, at

Thank you! Your information will be invaluable! I don't know where else to look.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lighten your Mood with a Good Book

Sit down, relax, and read. After a hard day at work, just take ten to twenty minutes a day and read a book. The book- it doesn' t matter the genre- will help stimulate your brain and relax you before doing your house work. Or, you can read before you go to sleep. It doesn't matter, reading almost always brightens your mood, or just relaxes you a little bit. These are just a few titles that are amazing books.

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane By Katherine Howe

"Okay, so we’ve all heard of the Salem Witch Trials, right? Everyone knows that in 1692 there was a witch panic in Salem, Massachusetts where about twenty or so innocent people were hanged. These people, obviously were going to be hanged for being considered a witch. Katherine Howe’s question was, could there have been any actual witches hanged during this time. I know the question is silly, but after reading her book, it makes me almost believe that actual witches were hanged.
Now, lets fast forward to the year 1991 in Cambridge Massachusetts. I know, these two time periods are centuries apart, but Katherine Howe magically puts them together. So, let’s meet Harvard Graduate student, Connie Goodwin, her specialty is in colonial history. She has been advanced to candicy and is writing her doctoral dissertation..." To Read the rest of the Book review please click here

Dreamland By: Sarah Dessen

"Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? Caitlin O’Karen can tell you all about it. Ever since she met Rogerson there was something compelling, different, and something her sister, Cass, had never done.

Cass ran away on Caitlin’s birthday and her mom was constantly worried about her. Caitlin always felt as though she lived in her sister’s shadow. So, for her Junior year of high school, now that Cass was gone, she wanted to do everything she could to be different from Cass. She even joined the Cheer leading team with her friend, Rina. Then, she met Rogerson. As I stated above, he was the kind of guy Cass had never dated just by looking at him..."
To finish reading the book review please click here

Land of a Hundred Wonders By Lesley Kagen

"What would you do if you were in a car accident where both of your parents died and you banged your head very badly? Gibby McGraw of Cray Ridge, Kentucky wants to be a reporter, it’s one of the few things she remembers doing after her accident. The only problem is, Gibby is NQR, or Not Quite Right by her Grampa’s standards. She forgets everything, and doesn’t know what is appropriate or not.
She could just be saying, “Hi” to someone at the Top O’ the Mornin’ Diner where she
works with her Grampa, and then call them a name. A name that if it was said on TV would have to be bleeped out. Being so forgetful, Gibby forgets where she is and what she is doing. Gibby’s Grampa takes care of her."
To finish reading this book reivew please click here

Monday, September 14, 2009

Perfect Practice Means Perfect Playing

Practicing your instrument is fun, isn't it? I know it is a daunting task to learn a new piece of music, scales, or musical exercise. But when you nail it, it feels good. The only problem is, how do you practice correctly? Sure you can practice for hours a day and get no where on a song. Or you think you get somewhere, but you just don't retain the knowledge. Your problem probably is, you're not practicing correctly. My father once told me, "My football coach always told me, if you don't practice perfectly, you won't play perfectly." I know he's talking about football, but the same concept holds true for instrumentalists. It doesn't matter if you play a woodwind, brass, strings or percussion instrument, practicing perfectly will help you get better quicker.

A simple tip for better practicing is playing your scales. Maybe, make it a point to do two or three before you start your practicing through the day. If you don't know a scale, learn it. Then start to gradually speed up your tempo to help with speed when you are practicing faster songs.

Start off a song slower than written. I know, that's boring. The thing is, if you speed through a song you will miss accidentals, key changes, certain rhythms, and trills/grace notes. If you go slow and gradually speed the tempo, you will not miss those things, and you'll retain more knowledge of the piece of music.

For more tips on how to practice better please click here to read Perfect Practice means Perfect Playing By Alexa Gates.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Save Money on Beauty

Every girl needs to look beautiful, but costs on beauty products is expensive. So, how do you spend less, and get good make-up? First things first, ditch the department store make up. I mean seriously, why would you spend $20.00 for mascara, when you can spend $7.00 and get the same look? It goes for all beauty products, sometimes the generic brands are better. In this article, it explains some ways to save money on your beauty products because we all deserve to look our best.

Please click here to read, Save Money on Beauty By Alexa Gates

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eight Things Every Woodwind Player Should Know

There are so many different instruments out there. For example, you have the clarinet, saxophone, and flute all in the wood wind family. What makes them a woodwind instrument is that you use wood to either make them or play them. The only thing is, how can you play better? Make a better sound out of your horn?

Just for a couple examples. Keep your instrument clean. Want to know why? When you play spit, microscopic pieces of reed, and dirt/skin cells from your fingers get into your horn. Disgusting, right? Well, if you keep your horn clean, it tends to sound better because there isn't anything stopping the air flow, and it makes your instrument last longer. Doesn't that sound great? Also, give your instrument at least one check up a year. When you bring your instrument into the repair shop, they align, oil, and fix any problems in your instrument. This will make your instrument easier to play and sometimes even sound better. To read more tips on how to make your instrument and playing sound better please click here to read Eight Things Every Woodwind Player Should Know.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Universal Health Care: Not as Good as it Sounds

Everyone wants health care, which is why this bill is so important. According to the News, millions of people cannot afford health care because of the high prices. My family is fairly conservative, so I don't believe in government hand outs, such as 'free health care,' so I took a look at the bill. I mean, if the bill was written to where it would actually help people, why not let it pass? Well, I was definitely wrong. When reading the bill the one thing I thought was, the government is now going to try and control American's health. They're going to give ACORN and other programs many pay offs. A doctor cannot own or invest in health care, so a person who has no idea about medicine and doctoring will run it. Doesn't that make you feel safe?

To read some of the horrors of this bill, please click here

As Americans, I hope we can stop the government control of our health care. I mean, where would they stop? There has to be other answers to the AMERICANS who cannot afford health care who WANT it. Thank you!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Senior Pictures: Where Should I get them?

As a fellow senior of the class of 2010, all of us seniors have to take senior pictures. My question is, where should I take them? There are so many photography studios who offer senior portraits for all sorts of prices. Which ones are good? Or which ones are right for me? From past experience with my brother and sister I know that an expensive photography studio doesn't always mean a better one. Then I came up with some guidelines on how to chose which photography studio is right for you and myself. To read the guidelines please click here

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Alternative Medicine and Carpal Tunnel

Are you experiencing pain, stiffness, weakness, and the sensation of pin and needles in your hand or wrist? If so, you may be experiencing carpal tunnel.

If you have ever suffered from or suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome here is a quick overview of causes and over a dozen treatments you can use at home. If you think you are suffering from cts this article compiles some proven remedies. Some of these are herbal, some consist of physical therapy and others are nutritional. For a more complete list read here.

This is not to override your doctor's advice but to compliment it. Please discuss all treatments with your family physician.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sleep Paralysis: What is it?

Have you ever not been able to move when you are asleep? Do you think that someone is choking you when you are sleeping? You may have something called Sleep Paralysis. Not to worry if you have sleep paralysis, there is nothing life threatening about this disease.

Symptoms of Sleep Paralysis are: According to Stanford University, one of the symptoms of sleep paralysis consist of not being able to move your body
when you are sleeping or when waking up. Another thing you might notice if you have sleep paralysis is that you feel as though someone is choking you and you are unable to move and try to stop them. Or the person is lying on top of you so you cannot move. You struggle but nothing happens the person holding you down just gets stronger. Well, that’s how I feel when I get sleep paralysis.

To read more on Sleep Paralysis please click this link to get to the article Sleep Paralysis: what is it?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Do You Have an Ultra-Useful Household Item? Here Are Mine!

Part of a writer’s job is to gauge the market and determine what sells and what doesn’t. Quite often writers have to make the sacrifice of putting aside topics they love writing about in favour of those that do well on the printed or online market.

Because of career training and work experience, I feel more comfortable and qualified to write about relationships and life-coaching type articles. Nevertheless, some of my most successful articles published on Triond are not those that address what makes life easier, but what makes living easier in the home.

These first four (below) hit a spot on the internet. I think what makes the series so popular is not just the title, but the fact that they describe hilarious scenarios. They outline cheap, useful and unknown uses for various household items, but as a change from the norm where advice and tips are generally painstakingly listed, this amusing but handy series show someone walking around the home with a jar of Vaseline or salt, a bottle of baby oil, and a pack of toothpicks taking care of the many tasks around the house that particular item could be used for - all in one go. The articles in the series are:

Top Ten (Legal) Things to do if you Find Yourself Holding a Jar of Vaseline

Top Ten (Legal) Things to do if you Find Yourself Holding a Jar of Salt

Top Ten (Legal) Things to do if you Find Yourself Left Holding a Bottle of baby oil

Top Ten (Legal) Things to do if you Find Yourself Holding a Pack of toothpicks

As you can see, the titles are very catchy indeed, and do describe perfectly what the articles are all about.

On a lesser note, I published How To Clean Pet Feces, Yucky Spills and Other Mucky Things. This has always performed well, but the views came in constant dribbles rather than a mighty force of a Caribbean wave. I suppose this shows that more concise pieces do better than just general household-tips ones.

It was then I realised that ‘Why duct tape Became the Love of My Life’ had to be written. I’ve always had a good selection of duct tape at home because I think out of everything else, this item has been most useful to me through the years.

What’s your favourite ultra useful household item?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Eqestrian Sports do you have What it Takes?

Spring is here and almost gone, summer is just starting. So, for any horseback riders out there, what do you think? A nice trail ride on a nice summer night? Or a nice horse show on a weekend that takes you and your horse away from home?

If you chose the weekend horse show this article is primarily for you. I'm not saying that a nice trail ride on a cool summer night wouldn't be fun because they're amazing! But, if you are showing and want to improve your skills. I mean, who doesn't want to bring home the pretty blue ribbon? I sure do! This article provides simple and easy ways to improve your riding and will hopefully get you one more step towards the ribbon you desire.
To read more on the article please click here.

I hope everyone has a terrific show season! Remember be safe and most of all have fun!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Duck Duck Go!

Watch out Google there's a new search engine in town! The new search engine is called Duck Duck Go! Kind of like the game duck duck goose, except search engineized. Is that a word? Probably not. Oh well. This search engine is unique because it is paired up with Wikipedia. Wikipedia as we all know is full of user content. Maybe not the most trustworthy site, but it does have some good information. You just have to know how to find it. Anyway, when you are searching for something on Duck Duck Go you can get a blurb from Wikipedia on the subject with some websites about your subject.

To find out more on this new search engine please click here. Thank you!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bands with a Unique Sound

Okay, so who doesn't love music? I love music, probably a little too much. You hear about many different bands on a daily basis. Bands such as, Nickleback, The Fray, Paramore, Boys like Girls, and many others. Do you hear bands such as Flogging Molly or Making April? Did you know that Making April released a new album earlier this year? Probably not unless you have heard about them before. Unfortunately, I haven't heard their new album as of yet, but my friend has and says it's amazing.

This is a picture of Flogging Molly. They're an Irish punk band with loads of instruments. To learn more about Flogging Molly, Making April, Paramore, and The Fray please click here to read Bands with a Unique Sound.

This article is an overview about the bands. It includes pictures, one music video, a brief history, and a little of the band's music. Please enjoy!! And if you have any bands that you believe are truly unique please comment!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Soil Erosion

Last Year I had to write a paper and do a presentation on soil erosion. The subject, which you probably figured out at first glance, isn't all that exciting to talk about. The thing is, the more I read on the subject the more I got scared about it.

For example, did you know that because of rain fall soil erodes along the coast taking away land mass? Or that it takes almost forever for new soil to form?

If you want to know more about soil erosion click here to read an article on soil erosion.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is Marriage at a Young age a Good Thing?

It's a hard question to answer... I know. But how young is it to get married? Click here If you want to read a little article on it!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Overview of Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism

For a school project not that long ago, we had to look up Islam, Christianity and another religion for an essay. I chose Hinduism as my choice religion because I thought that it would be fun to learn about. On thing I figured out about religions from that unit was all religions are very similar. Think about it, all religions teach don't hurt your neighbors, treat others how you would like to be treated, and morals. Another thing I learned from that unit is that the church can corrupt people. A good example is the radical Islamic who drove an airplane into the Twin Towers on 9/11. They thought their religion was better than everyone else's, and probably in their mind thought that they were saving us. Except that is a stretch.

Learning about the different religions gives you more insight into their followers every day life. Did you know that in Hinduism that if you were bad in one life, in your next you will stricken with poverty? Like I said, different. But that is how the religion teaches morals in Hinduism- the better you are in one life, in the next life you will a better off person. I think that it is interesting.

The paper I wrote on the this topic is fairly long and informative. It goes through just an overview of each of these religions with a comparing and contrasting section of them. I hope you enjoy it!

Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism: Comparing and Contrasting by: Alexa Gates

Monday, March 30, 2009

10 Ways NOT to Eat after Dinner

Okay, eating is definitely essential. I understand that. But, is eating more than three meals and two snacks a day too much food? You can be the judge of that. It's your body, eat whatever you want. Except, for example, if you want to lose weight. When you lose weight you have do different things such as certain foods, quantity of foods, and exercise more often. Another way to help you lose those stubborn pounds is to stop eating after dinner. In the article below you will find ten ways to help you not eat after dinner.

Ten Ways Not to Eat after Dinner

Friday, March 20, 2009

Let's Make Myspace Safer!!

Who hasn't heard of Myspace? Not all that long ago, Myspace was on the news about how your children shouldn't have a Myspace account. Of course, I disagree with what the news shows say. I mean, is staying connected to your friends when they go off to college, family members, or colleagues. Myspace isn't a bad thing, it's just a select few who make parents cringe at the idea of their children having a Myspace account.

To me, you shouldn't ban your children from using Myspace, you should teach them how to keep themselves safer from Internet Predators, and you know what kind of people I'm talking about.

For more information, please read the following article, Seven Steps to Make Myspace Safer By: Alexa Gates

Is There A Book Inside You?

If you have an idea for a book, or even a book that you've written and never published, this is a really good time to do it.

New internet publishing facilities mean that you can now publish copies on demand which means that you only need to pay for one copy for yourself (if you want one) and then you can sell copies directly from a website without actually holding huge stocks of expensively printed books.

There is a general overview and information to get you started here:

So You Want To Be A Paperback Writer?

New Book Blogger

Once you have writen your book you will want the world to see it (and buy it!) and New Book Blogger gives the opportunity to showcase your work free of charge.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Is Everyone Born With a Soul?

Okay, I know that this is a morbid thought, but have you ever thought about it? I mean, can a person be born with out a soul? Or, do they lose their soul someplace in life? I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately because of serial murders, rapists, and people who will do anything for money. It makes you wonder, doesn't it? Well, since I've been thinking about this fairly morbid topic I've written two articles on ideas about it. It's supposed to be philosophical, please read if you are interested in them! Thank- You!

Are People Born Without a Soul? By: Alexa Gates
Are People Born Without a Soul 2? By: Alexa Gates

Monday, March 9, 2009

Share the Love: Make Your Own Business Cards

I've often shared my passion for writing with friends and family. Your passion may lie in other areas. Perhaps you have a secret yen to market one of your talents. In this article I share instructions on creating your own business card. I provide a step by step guide and places to go to to download templates or order online. I've created a pretty generic business card, but it would be just as simple to add a background, or design. Because I am almost out of ink I kept it pretty simple:

Handing out a card is going to be so much simpler than standing in the middle of a store searching for scrap paper and a pen.

I love writing and want to share the love. My friends on this blog, and I have found a wonderful outlet where we get paid for doing what we love. What do you love? I'd love to see what you can come up with.

Take care & G♥d bless!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Increasing Blog Traffic With Entrecard And Adgitize

There are several ways of building fast blog traffic but Entrecard is one of my favourites and an amazing system that can help you to get more traffic to your blog. It is simple, yet very effective.

The principle is like dropping visiting cards on members’ blogs and having them drop their card on yours.

All the instructions are given on the site at ENTRECARD in a clearly laid out PDF file, so it is really simple to use.

The other sure fire way to increase traffic is to sign up with ADGITIZE and get a month’s advertising for a small fee. If you display Adgitize advertising on your blog, you can offset the cost.

More information and other marketing ideas can be read here:


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How do I Sell That?

Okay, jobs are scarce these days. Everyone is fighting for every penny they earn and you could be out of a job at any moment. Isn't that a scary thought? Well, if you work in almost any job that requires selling something, such as a product, idea, or yourself, you might want to find ways to make yourself irreplaceable. If you make yourself irreplaceable you will have more job security. So, let's make you more irreplaceable at your job! Please read the article, HOW DO I SELL THAT? by clicking on the link below.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How To Make Your Blog Stand Out From The Rest

Have you ever looked at someone else’s website or blog and wondered where they got their artwork, their background, widgets and gadgets from? It is very easy to add designer backgrounds and features that make your blog stand out from the crowd, once you know where to get them from.

Bling Up Your Blog tells you where to get all these things totally free of charge and all the features have been tried and tested, so you know that they work. There is nothing worse that spending time adding the latest gadget to your blog, or website and then discovering that it doesn’t work.

At one time blogs were considered to be more suitable for non commercial enterprises but it is now becoming fashionable for companies and businesses to have their own blogs. It is even possible to employ a professional blogger to write your posts and keep your blog up to date.

You can also find out how to take part in video and text blogging which is the latest superfast way of building a web presence.

Bling UpYour Blog is a fast growing blog with lots of ideas for enhancing your web presence. Whether you want your own chat room, a forum, or even a designer background for your blog, you’ll find ideas here.

There is also lots of helpful information on increasing traffic and marketing your website, or blog. This includes using Adgitize and Entrecard to increase your traffic.

If you don’t find what you want, you can always contact the blog author and request a post especially for you.

BLING UP YOUR BLOG by Louie Jerome

Monday, February 23, 2009

Meet Valli Sarvani

Valli Sarvani has been writing for many websites from the past 2 years. She likes writing about health, home making, technology, history etc. She is fond of listening to music and reading books. Check out her published content at Triond

Check out her article on mudras here

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Humorous Tale About A Writer's Ambition

Many years ago a young man decided that he wanted to be a writer but he wasn’t sure what kind of stuff he really wanted to write. He just wanted to be totally dynamic and cover everything in his work.

So, he studied and wrote and wrote some more trying to perfect his art. This went on for many years. When asked what he really wanted to achieve as a writer he often repeated that he wanted to write things that everyone in the world would read and words that people would react to in a really emotional way.

He just wanted his words to affect them deep down, and make them scream, and howl in pain and deep emotion.

After struggling as a writer and having to take other jobs to get by, he found what he really wanted.

He now works for Microsoft as an error message writer.

If you enjoyed this story and would to read some more humorous tales about writers, you might like these.

Do Writers Go To Heaven, Or Hell?

Why Crocodiles Prefer Readers To Writers

Reading and Writing Go Hand in Hand

Written by BC Doan

If you want to write, you have to read, read and read! Reading will not only inspire you to write, but it also enables you to gain knowledge, valuable ideas, and learn many different ways to put your thoughts together!

I find reading a joy, whether it is an article or a book, and always carry reading materials with me wherever I go. Yes, it might also make me look smart, but really, I don’t want to waste my time doing nothing.

Reading can spark my own thoughts of what I want to write about. Sometimes, a word, an image, or a title inspires the creativity in me. It is advised that we should write what we know. What can be better than your own life’s experience? Start off your writing with your memoir. You will find many great books to read in this article below.
Memoir Writing: Begin with These Books

If you are not into telling the story of your life, start with fiction! Different people have different preferences. Here is an article on this subject, and a list of books to begin.

Writing Fiction: Books to Read

Are you're not sold on these areas, either? How about writing for children? Try this one.

Important Facts When Writing for Children

These are just my suggestions to get you started. The point is to read, read, and read some more.

Meet Alexa Gates

Alexa Gates is a Junior at Richmond High School. She is an honors student, avid horse back rider, and she plays the clarinet. She likes to write poetry, some philosphical pieces, and informative articles. But, with a jeweler as a father, explaining what jewelers do is always fun. As in this article that entitles, So, Do you Speak Jeweler?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Write-for-web Tutorials

Author Anne Lyken-Garner

I’ve created quite a number of writing-for-web tutorials which are scattered about on the internet. I thought it would be a useful to make them all accessible in one place. Here’s a list of some really helpful ones, designed for writers desiring to establish a platform of contacts and fans in the writing world of the web - a thriving and progressive community.

One of the requirements of modern agents and publishers, is for the new writers they take on to already have something called a ‘platform.’ What better way to establish one, than to use the internet to connect with potential fans from all over the world.

I created this first set of tutorials as a reference point for both writers seeking to better their use of the written English, and also for speakers of foreign languages learning to write English correctly.

The Art of written English

Written English Part 1: The apostrophe
Written English Part 2: The Comma and the Full Stop
Part 3: Semi colon and hyphen
Part 4: the dash, question mark and exclamation mark
Part 5: the inverted commas, brackets and capitalization

This second set of articles deals with getting your online content in shape. It discusses the value of adding friends to your network, and the art of sharp writing which attracts readers and keeps them hooked on your work. Issues of getting the right content to the right people, and how to keep topped-up on a good supply of ideas, are also tackled.
Skill and technique are examined, and several ways in which we can become the sought-after web writer that everyone wants to read. This is a definitive writing series for anyone serious about building a career in online writing.

How to make your online content earn you money and recognition

Part one - Why add friends
Part two - How to keep people reading your work
Part three - How to keep the ideas coming
Part four - Developing skill and technique
Part five - Setting out your article for internet skimming

Other writing sites that you may find useful

10 reasons you should have your own blog
Creating Internet links, a tutorial for dummies

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How To Love and Care for Your Hamster

Image source Image source

Hamster are cute and lovely animals. They belong to the rodent family. They're very easy to take care of, perfect pets for your family, fit in the palm of your hand and inexpensive. They will later become your buddy if you tame them when they're very young. Talk to your hamster and it will get familiar with you. Also, understand the needs of your hamster. This article useful tips to keep your hamster happy and healthy will guide you how to take good care of your hamster. Article by CHAN LEE PENG. Do not copy. This article is copyrighted to the author. Copyright © CHAN LEE PENG 2007 and up.

Posted by Writers Solutions.

Extend a Hand to a Friend

A journey is always shorter and brighter when traveled with a friend. If you are feeling particularly grateful to your friend for something they have done special for you, or if there is something remarkable that you admire in your friend, why not take a moment to tell them? Perhaps they are keeping up appearances while dealing with something you know little or nothing about. The right gesture or words can make all the difference in the world.

In this article learn how to make a home made card. You can place that personal message inside. It does not have to be Valentine's day or even a birthday to give or get a card, and you don't have to be Hallmark to create one.

by Judy Sheldon

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Language Do You Speak?

Author: Louie Jerome

If you ask any American what language they speak in their country, in most cases the reply will be that it's English. However, American English sometimes has a completely different vocabulary to British English.

Many Americanisms have entered the language on this side of the Atlantic, but they are a long way from being established. It's quite strange how some Americanisms have been accepted but others have completely failed to make any impression on British English.

On our side of the pond we say: apartment, ball park, buddy, cab and cookie. However, we don't say: pacifier, realtor, popsicle, duplex and gurney. (A British English spell checker objects to these words.)

The way words are used is also different sometimes. For example if you ask an American how they are, you will get the answer, 'I'm good!' In English English we say, 'I'm well.'

Among the young in Britain, there are those who regard American English as 'cool', but their use of this alien (to us Brits) tongue causes annoyance amongst those who don't.

For more information on this and examples of how British English varies from region to region, you might find these articles useful.

Do You Speak English? Check Again...

Two Countries, One Language, Or Is It?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Welcome to Writer's Solutions

If you are wracking your brain for solutions to every day problems there is sure to be someone within our group with the answer. We have over a hundred years experience in solving a wide array of dilemmas. Feel free to browse the site or leave us a request. Check back often as we will be posting new content frequently on a variety of topics. We're sure you will find us to be the perfect solution.

Meet Judy Sheldon

Judy lives in the states, has six children and over 20 grandchildren. She has worked in retail, the medical field, corrections and now in customer service, but this is just to pay the bills. Her real passion is for writing, just like her fellow writers. She has another passion for natural remedies as demonstrated in her article:

"You have the choice of taking Motrin with it's known side effects, and
so-so pain relief or taking Turmeric, which has no toxicity, several other
hidden benefits, and knocks out pain. Which will it be?"

Meet Anne Lyken-Garner

Anne is waiting to hear back on her current book publication, has a background in psychology and working with young people. She has also worked as an actress, model and call-in radio co-host. Her advice is sound, practical, caring and with a splash of much needed humor. Check out her article:
With great wisdom and compassion she will help you through your loss. Soon you will be looking forward to reading more from Anne. She has much in the way of art, humor, wisdom and entertainment.

Meet Chan Lee Peng

Chan works in teaching and interpreting (speaking fluent Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Malays and some Spanish) and has done comprehensive studies regarding health. In visiting Chan's content you will find a large variety of topics with a special emphasis on health.
"It's not too hard for you to live forever young, healthy, energetic, and
beautiful. Itʼs attainable. Itʼs still not too late."
More articles from this author can be reached at Triond and Bukisa.

Meet Louie Jerome or Jan Harper

Louie or Jan, is a published author and counsellor. She resides in the U.K. One of the wonderful things about this computer age is the way we can bridge the gap with just a few keystrokes of our keyboard.
Although she has written numerous educational and entertaining articles I chose my grand daughter's favorite cookie recipe. This is a cookie my grand daughter can make with a little supervision from grandma (of course) and it only takes 15 minutes tops! Check it out at:

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog, Website, or Article

Meet Darlene McFarlane

Darlene writes about a large variety ot topics also, but never without entertaining and teaching her reader. I cannot wait until she adds more links for our reading as she always manages to keep my attention totally focused. She and her family live in Canada. Be sure to check out her pictures of chipmunks. They get really up close and personal.
If you have been feeling particularly under the weather lately or need to relax and unwind brew up one of the concoctions she offers in :
She wrote this around the holidays, but it doesn't have to be a holiday to be a stressful time in our lives, does it?

Meet IcyCucky or BC Doan

BC Doan, or IcyCucky, as I grew to know her and love her as has written some outstanding articles. It was so difficult to chose one to showcase here. She is a single mother who works very hard at raising her children with good old fashioned virtues that shine constantly through her articles.
Her advice on everything from organizing to childrearing will never fail you, and many of the other articles she publishes will stir, uplift and inspire.In this article she has taken the time to research some of the common behavior problems parents need to address; hitting, swearing, tantrums, lying, and stealing and come up with some solutions.

Meet Dee Huff

Dee Hough resides in Buckinghamshire, England and is the mother of three.

Her humor is present in her articles and poems, and she has also contributed some pretty yummy sounding recipes.

"Different stop smoking methods work for different people, but the bottom line
is that you are the only person who can make the decision about when, how, or
even if you will quit smoking. If you'd like to quit, but are daunted by the
prospect, there are quite a few methods from which to choose."