Thursday, July 23, 2009

Senior Pictures: Where Should I get them?

As a fellow senior of the class of 2010, all of us seniors have to take senior pictures. My question is, where should I take them? There are so many photography studios who offer senior portraits for all sorts of prices. Which ones are good? Or which ones are right for me? From past experience with my brother and sister I know that an expensive photography studio doesn't always mean a better one. Then I came up with some guidelines on how to chose which photography studio is right for you and myself. To read the guidelines please click here

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Alternative Medicine and Carpal Tunnel

Are you experiencing pain, stiffness, weakness, and the sensation of pin and needles in your hand or wrist? If so, you may be experiencing carpal tunnel.

If you have ever suffered from or suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome here is a quick overview of causes and over a dozen treatments you can use at home. If you think you are suffering from cts this article compiles some proven remedies. Some of these are herbal, some consist of physical therapy and others are nutritional. For a more complete list read here.

This is not to override your doctor's advice but to compliment it. Please discuss all treatments with your family physician.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sleep Paralysis: What is it?

Have you ever not been able to move when you are asleep? Do you think that someone is choking you when you are sleeping? You may have something called Sleep Paralysis. Not to worry if you have sleep paralysis, there is nothing life threatening about this disease.

Symptoms of Sleep Paralysis are: According to Stanford University, one of the symptoms of sleep paralysis consist of not being able to move your body
when you are sleeping or when waking up. Another thing you might notice if you have sleep paralysis is that you feel as though someone is choking you and you are unable to move and try to stop them. Or the person is lying on top of you so you cannot move. You struggle but nothing happens the person holding you down just gets stronger. Well, that’s how I feel when I get sleep paralysis.

To read more on Sleep Paralysis please click this link to get to the article Sleep Paralysis: what is it?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Do You Have an Ultra-Useful Household Item? Here Are Mine!

Part of a writer’s job is to gauge the market and determine what sells and what doesn’t. Quite often writers have to make the sacrifice of putting aside topics they love writing about in favour of those that do well on the printed or online market.

Because of career training and work experience, I feel more comfortable and qualified to write about relationships and life-coaching type articles. Nevertheless, some of my most successful articles published on Triond are not those that address what makes life easier, but what makes living easier in the home.

These first four (below) hit a spot on the internet. I think what makes the series so popular is not just the title, but the fact that they describe hilarious scenarios. They outline cheap, useful and unknown uses for various household items, but as a change from the norm where advice and tips are generally painstakingly listed, this amusing but handy series show someone walking around the home with a jar of Vaseline or salt, a bottle of baby oil, and a pack of toothpicks taking care of the many tasks around the house that particular item could be used for - all in one go. The articles in the series are:

Top Ten (Legal) Things to do if you Find Yourself Holding a Jar of Vaseline

Top Ten (Legal) Things to do if you Find Yourself Holding a Jar of Salt

Top Ten (Legal) Things to do if you Find Yourself Left Holding a Bottle of baby oil

Top Ten (Legal) Things to do if you Find Yourself Holding a Pack of toothpicks

As you can see, the titles are very catchy indeed, and do describe perfectly what the articles are all about.

On a lesser note, I published How To Clean Pet Feces, Yucky Spills and Other Mucky Things. This has always performed well, but the views came in constant dribbles rather than a mighty force of a Caribbean wave. I suppose this shows that more concise pieces do better than just general household-tips ones.

It was then I realised that ‘Why duct tape Became the Love of My Life’ had to be written. I’ve always had a good selection of duct tape at home because I think out of everything else, this item has been most useful to me through the years.

What’s your favourite ultra useful household item?