Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bands with a Unique Sound

Okay, so who doesn't love music? I love music, probably a little too much. You hear about many different bands on a daily basis. Bands such as, Nickleback, The Fray, Paramore, Boys like Girls, and many others. Do you hear bands such as Flogging Molly or Making April? Did you know that Making April released a new album earlier this year? Probably not unless you have heard about them before. Unfortunately, I haven't heard their new album as of yet, but my friend has and says it's amazing.

This is a picture of Flogging Molly. They're an Irish punk band with loads of instruments. To learn more about Flogging Molly, Making April, Paramore, and The Fray please click here to read Bands with a Unique Sound.

This article is an overview about the bands. It includes pictures, one music video, a brief history, and a little of the band's music. Please enjoy!! And if you have any bands that you believe are truly unique please comment!


Leigh Russell said...

It's hard for anyone talented in the arts to eke out a living. So many really talented musicians earn their money from teaching and it's the same with artists, actors, and dare I say it writers. Most have to do some day job to pay the bills. Sadly, society doesn't value the arts, but where would our life be without music, books, paintings, etc?
While we're on the subject, I'd like to plug a very talented young singer, PHILLIPA LEIGH - you can hear her on her website (?) or she's also on Myspace.
(And can I also mention my book is published in 2 weeks? check out my blog, Annie.)

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

I have to agree with Leigh. It is sad. Is art truly appreciated? If it were would there be so many "starving artists"? Creative individuals find themselves making huge sacrifices to afford themselves with the time needed to create.