Monday, February 23, 2009

Meet Valli Sarvani

Valli Sarvani has been writing for many websites from the past 2 years. She likes writing about health, home making, technology, history etc. She is fond of listening to music and reading books. Check out her published content at Triond

Check out her article on mudras here

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Humorous Tale About A Writer's Ambition

Many years ago a young man decided that he wanted to be a writer but he wasn’t sure what kind of stuff he really wanted to write. He just wanted to be totally dynamic and cover everything in his work.

So, he studied and wrote and wrote some more trying to perfect his art. This went on for many years. When asked what he really wanted to achieve as a writer he often repeated that he wanted to write things that everyone in the world would read and words that people would react to in a really emotional way.

He just wanted his words to affect them deep down, and make them scream, and howl in pain and deep emotion.

After struggling as a writer and having to take other jobs to get by, he found what he really wanted.

He now works for Microsoft as an error message writer.

If you enjoyed this story and would to read some more humorous tales about writers, you might like these.

Do Writers Go To Heaven, Or Hell?

Why Crocodiles Prefer Readers To Writers

Reading and Writing Go Hand in Hand

Written by BC Doan

If you want to write, you have to read, read and read! Reading will not only inspire you to write, but it also enables you to gain knowledge, valuable ideas, and learn many different ways to put your thoughts together!

I find reading a joy, whether it is an article or a book, and always carry reading materials with me wherever I go. Yes, it might also make me look smart, but really, I don’t want to waste my time doing nothing.

Reading can spark my own thoughts of what I want to write about. Sometimes, a word, an image, or a title inspires the creativity in me. It is advised that we should write what we know. What can be better than your own life’s experience? Start off your writing with your memoir. You will find many great books to read in this article below.
Memoir Writing: Begin with These Books

If you are not into telling the story of your life, start with fiction! Different people have different preferences. Here is an article on this subject, and a list of books to begin.

Writing Fiction: Books to Read

Are you're not sold on these areas, either? How about writing for children? Try this one.

Important Facts When Writing for Children

These are just my suggestions to get you started. The point is to read, read, and read some more.

Meet Alexa Gates

Alexa Gates is a Junior at Richmond High School. She is an honors student, avid horse back rider, and she plays the clarinet. She likes to write poetry, some philosphical pieces, and informative articles. But, with a jeweler as a father, explaining what jewelers do is always fun. As in this article that entitles, So, Do you Speak Jeweler?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Write-for-web Tutorials

Author Anne Lyken-Garner

I’ve created quite a number of writing-for-web tutorials which are scattered about on the internet. I thought it would be a useful to make them all accessible in one place. Here’s a list of some really helpful ones, designed for writers desiring to establish a platform of contacts and fans in the writing world of the web - a thriving and progressive community.

One of the requirements of modern agents and publishers, is for the new writers they take on to already have something called a ‘platform.’ What better way to establish one, than to use the internet to connect with potential fans from all over the world.

I created this first set of tutorials as a reference point for both writers seeking to better their use of the written English, and also for speakers of foreign languages learning to write English correctly.

The Art of written English

Written English Part 1: The apostrophe
Written English Part 2: The Comma and the Full Stop
Part 3: Semi colon and hyphen
Part 4: the dash, question mark and exclamation mark
Part 5: the inverted commas, brackets and capitalization

This second set of articles deals with getting your online content in shape. It discusses the value of adding friends to your network, and the art of sharp writing which attracts readers and keeps them hooked on your work. Issues of getting the right content to the right people, and how to keep topped-up on a good supply of ideas, are also tackled.
Skill and technique are examined, and several ways in which we can become the sought-after web writer that everyone wants to read. This is a definitive writing series for anyone serious about building a career in online writing.

How to make your online content earn you money and recognition

Part one - Why add friends
Part two - How to keep people reading your work
Part three - How to keep the ideas coming
Part four - Developing skill and technique
Part five - Setting out your article for internet skimming

Other writing sites that you may find useful

10 reasons you should have your own blog
Creating Internet links, a tutorial for dummies

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How To Love and Care for Your Hamster

Image source Image source

Hamster are cute and lovely animals. They belong to the rodent family. They're very easy to take care of, perfect pets for your family, fit in the palm of your hand and inexpensive. They will later become your buddy if you tame them when they're very young. Talk to your hamster and it will get familiar with you. Also, understand the needs of your hamster. This article useful tips to keep your hamster happy and healthy will guide you how to take good care of your hamster. Article by CHAN LEE PENG. Do not copy. This article is copyrighted to the author. Copyright © CHAN LEE PENG 2007 and up.

Posted by Writers Solutions.

Extend a Hand to a Friend

A journey is always shorter and brighter when traveled with a friend. If you are feeling particularly grateful to your friend for something they have done special for you, or if there is something remarkable that you admire in your friend, why not take a moment to tell them? Perhaps they are keeping up appearances while dealing with something you know little or nothing about. The right gesture or words can make all the difference in the world.

In this article learn how to make a home made card. You can place that personal message inside. It does not have to be Valentine's day or even a birthday to give or get a card, and you don't have to be Hallmark to create one.

by Judy Sheldon

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Language Do You Speak?

Author: Louie Jerome

If you ask any American what language they speak in their country, in most cases the reply will be that it's English. However, American English sometimes has a completely different vocabulary to British English.

Many Americanisms have entered the language on this side of the Atlantic, but they are a long way from being established. It's quite strange how some Americanisms have been accepted but others have completely failed to make any impression on British English.

On our side of the pond we say: apartment, ball park, buddy, cab and cookie. However, we don't say: pacifier, realtor, popsicle, duplex and gurney. (A British English spell checker objects to these words.)

The way words are used is also different sometimes. For example if you ask an American how they are, you will get the answer, 'I'm good!' In English English we say, 'I'm well.'

Among the young in Britain, there are those who regard American English as 'cool', but their use of this alien (to us Brits) tongue causes annoyance amongst those who don't.

For more information on this and examples of how British English varies from region to region, you might find these articles useful.

Do You Speak English? Check Again...

Two Countries, One Language, Or Is It?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Welcome to Writer's Solutions

If you are wracking your brain for solutions to every day problems there is sure to be someone within our group with the answer. We have over a hundred years experience in solving a wide array of dilemmas. Feel free to browse the site or leave us a request. Check back often as we will be posting new content frequently on a variety of topics. We're sure you will find us to be the perfect solution.

Meet Judy Sheldon

Judy lives in the states, has six children and over 20 grandchildren. She has worked in retail, the medical field, corrections and now in customer service, but this is just to pay the bills. Her real passion is for writing, just like her fellow writers. She has another passion for natural remedies as demonstrated in her article:

"You have the choice of taking Motrin with it's known side effects, and
so-so pain relief or taking Turmeric, which has no toxicity, several other
hidden benefits, and knocks out pain. Which will it be?"

Meet Anne Lyken-Garner

Anne is waiting to hear back on her current book publication, has a background in psychology and working with young people. She has also worked as an actress, model and call-in radio co-host. Her advice is sound, practical, caring and with a splash of much needed humor. Check out her article:
With great wisdom and compassion she will help you through your loss. Soon you will be looking forward to reading more from Anne. She has much in the way of art, humor, wisdom and entertainment.

Meet Chan Lee Peng

Chan works in teaching and interpreting (speaking fluent Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Malays and some Spanish) and has done comprehensive studies regarding health. In visiting Chan's content you will find a large variety of topics with a special emphasis on health.
"It's not too hard for you to live forever young, healthy, energetic, and
beautiful. Itʼs attainable. Itʼs still not too late."
More articles from this author can be reached at Triond and Bukisa.

Meet Louie Jerome or Jan Harper

Louie or Jan, is a published author and counsellor. She resides in the U.K. One of the wonderful things about this computer age is the way we can bridge the gap with just a few keystrokes of our keyboard.
Although she has written numerous educational and entertaining articles I chose my grand daughter's favorite cookie recipe. This is a cookie my grand daughter can make with a little supervision from grandma (of course) and it only takes 15 minutes tops! Check it out at:

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog, Website, or Article

Meet Darlene McFarlane

Darlene writes about a large variety ot topics also, but never without entertaining and teaching her reader. I cannot wait until she adds more links for our reading as she always manages to keep my attention totally focused. She and her family live in Canada. Be sure to check out her pictures of chipmunks. They get really up close and personal.
If you have been feeling particularly under the weather lately or need to relax and unwind brew up one of the concoctions she offers in :
She wrote this around the holidays, but it doesn't have to be a holiday to be a stressful time in our lives, does it?

Meet IcyCucky or BC Doan

BC Doan, or IcyCucky, as I grew to know her and love her as has written some outstanding articles. It was so difficult to chose one to showcase here. She is a single mother who works very hard at raising her children with good old fashioned virtues that shine constantly through her articles.
Her advice on everything from organizing to childrearing will never fail you, and many of the other articles she publishes will stir, uplift and inspire.In this article she has taken the time to research some of the common behavior problems parents need to address; hitting, swearing, tantrums, lying, and stealing and come up with some solutions.

Meet Dee Huff

Dee Hough resides in Buckinghamshire, England and is the mother of three.

Her humor is present in her articles and poems, and she has also contributed some pretty yummy sounding recipes.

"Different stop smoking methods work for different people, but the bottom line
is that you are the only person who can make the decision about when, how, or
even if you will quit smoking. If you'd like to quit, but are daunted by the
prospect, there are quite a few methods from which to choose."