Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eight Things Every Woodwind Player Should Know

There are so many different instruments out there. For example, you have the clarinet, saxophone, and flute all in the wood wind family. What makes them a woodwind instrument is that you use wood to either make them or play them. The only thing is, how can you play better? Make a better sound out of your horn?

Just for a couple examples. Keep your instrument clean. Want to know why? When you play spit, microscopic pieces of reed, and dirt/skin cells from your fingers get into your horn. Disgusting, right? Well, if you keep your horn clean, it tends to sound better because there isn't anything stopping the air flow, and it makes your instrument last longer. Doesn't that sound great? Also, give your instrument at least one check up a year. When you bring your instrument into the repair shop, they align, oil, and fix any problems in your instrument. This will make your instrument easier to play and sometimes even sound better. To read more tips on how to make your instrument and playing sound better please click here to read Eight Things Every Woodwind Player Should Know.

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