Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lighten your Mood with a Good Book

Sit down, relax, and read. After a hard day at work, just take ten to twenty minutes a day and read a book. The book- it doesn' t matter the genre- will help stimulate your brain and relax you before doing your house work. Or, you can read before you go to sleep. It doesn't matter, reading almost always brightens your mood, or just relaxes you a little bit. These are just a few titles that are amazing books.

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane By Katherine Howe

"Okay, so we’ve all heard of the Salem Witch Trials, right? Everyone knows that in 1692 there was a witch panic in Salem, Massachusetts where about twenty or so innocent people were hanged. These people, obviously were going to be hanged for being considered a witch. Katherine Howe’s question was, could there have been any actual witches hanged during this time. I know the question is silly, but after reading her book, it makes me almost believe that actual witches were hanged.
Now, lets fast forward to the year 1991 in Cambridge Massachusetts. I know, these two time periods are centuries apart, but Katherine Howe magically puts them together. So, let’s meet Harvard Graduate student, Connie Goodwin, her specialty is in colonial history. She has been advanced to candicy and is writing her doctoral dissertation..." To Read the rest of the Book review please click here

Dreamland By: Sarah Dessen

"Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? Caitlin O’Karen can tell you all about it. Ever since she met Rogerson there was something compelling, different, and something her sister, Cass, had never done.

Cass ran away on Caitlin’s birthday and her mom was constantly worried about her. Caitlin always felt as though she lived in her sister’s shadow. So, for her Junior year of high school, now that Cass was gone, she wanted to do everything she could to be different from Cass. She even joined the Cheer leading team with her friend, Rina. Then, she met Rogerson. As I stated above, he was the kind of guy Cass had never dated just by looking at him..."
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Land of a Hundred Wonders By Lesley Kagen

"What would you do if you were in a car accident where both of your parents died and you banged your head very badly? Gibby McGraw of Cray Ridge, Kentucky wants to be a reporter, it’s one of the few things she remembers doing after her accident. The only problem is, Gibby is NQR, or Not Quite Right by her Grampa’s standards. She forgets everything, and doesn’t know what is appropriate or not.
She could just be saying, “Hi” to someone at the Top O’ the Mornin’ Diner where she
works with her Grampa, and then call them a name. A name that if it was said on TV would have to be bleeped out. Being so forgetful, Gibby forgets where she is and what she is doing. Gibby’s Grampa takes care of her."
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