Thursday, July 23, 2009

Senior Pictures: Where Should I get them?

As a fellow senior of the class of 2010, all of us seniors have to take senior pictures. My question is, where should I take them? There are so many photography studios who offer senior portraits for all sorts of prices. Which ones are good? Or which ones are right for me? From past experience with my brother and sister I know that an expensive photography studio doesn't always mean a better one. Then I came up with some guidelines on how to chose which photography studio is right for you and myself. To read the guidelines please click here


Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Don't forget to share them. I want to see the poses too! I'll share mine, if you want. lol

Anonymous said...

I say go with the ones with the best prices and best photo options! If that's at all possible to find.

Lazy Writer said...

Good luck with your search! These days the senior pictures are phenomenal. When I was a senior, you just went to a studio and sat in front of a gray backdrop. It was all so boring!