Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Universal Health Care: Not as Good as it Sounds

Everyone wants health care, which is why this bill is so important. According to the News, millions of people cannot afford health care because of the high prices. My family is fairly conservative, so I don't believe in government hand outs, such as 'free health care,' so I took a look at the bill. I mean, if the bill was written to where it would actually help people, why not let it pass? Well, I was definitely wrong. When reading the bill the one thing I thought was, the government is now going to try and control American's health. They're going to give ACORN and other programs many pay offs. A doctor cannot own or invest in health care, so a person who has no idea about medicine and doctoring will run it. Doesn't that make you feel safe?

To read some of the horrors of this bill, please click here

As Americans, I hope we can stop the government control of our health care. I mean, where would they stop? There has to be other answers to the AMERICANS who cannot afford health care who WANT it. Thank you!

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Robyn Campbell said...

Anne, I have a son with a rare brain disorder. We have fought this bill so hard. In the end? Not enough people are willing to sign the petitions and fight. It will probably pass. I'm still fightin' though. I appreciate your post. :)

Hmmm, as I look down at my word verification, I wonder what he would think of the health care bill. Moses. :)